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The deliverables of a marketing team can range in complexity, from developing a detailed marketing strategy, which guides and directs your marketing efforts; to managing communication's in a way that helps to deliver the business goals in a clear and measurable way.

Marketers have developed ‘tools of the trade’ over many years to assist them in delivering these objectives, and now, Hussle Hub makes these tools available to social enterprises and socially conscious small and medium sized businesses. In a few steps, social enterprises and small businesses can:

  • Complete a marketing strategy A Marketing Strategy provides a clear and actionable road map for your business, ensuring the team invests only in the activities that support the business goals, thereby saving time and money by not investing in activities that sit outside of the strategy. Click here to complete a free customer recruitment strategy.

  • Marketing Calendar Download a marketing calendar that will help you organise and prepare your business in advance for key events during the year, ensuring you and your team are focused and ready to maximise the opportunity for success.

  • Content Calendar This simple tool helps you to plan and prepare your content for social media, in advance. Be in control and have complete visibility at all times, with a clear and easy to use content calendar.

The marketing professionals at Hussle Hub have spent years refining these ‘tools of the trade’ which help to create clear, efficient and effective marketing messages.

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Marketing tools
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